Biophysical Drug Rehab Treatment

End Reoccurring Relapse With Biophysical Rehab Programs

Because most alcohol and drug rehab centers today use 12-step treatment, they not only include elements that are religious in nature, but they also stress the theory that addiction is a disease. There are no tests to prove addiction is a disease. The fact is that addiction is a learned behavior and can be 'unlearned' as well. The proof is evident with those who accept it as a 'disease' and what follows is a life of an addict - constantly struggling with relapse and unable to truly get better. Those who understand it is behavioral (not a disease), learn how to undo the behavior and live a life without the use of drugs and alcohol again.

Unfortunately, the disease theory opened the door to treating addictions with drug replacement therapy. Examples can be seen in medications designed to prevent consumption of alcohol to replacing pain pills and heroin (i.e. suboxone and methadone). Drug 'therapy' rarely if ever works. This is because more drugs will not resolve the underlying issues that are causing the addiction. And, when drug replacement therapy fails, a more serious problem often follows (emotionally or physically). Fortunately most rehab treatment is required by States and Obamacare to be fully covered minus you deductable. Most non-religious rehabs will also accept payments with cash, check, or with a visa or mastercard credit card. Some rehabs even take payments online with Paypal or PsBill.

Biophysical Rehab Programs

Biophysical rehab treatment centers do not subscribe to the disease theory or in the practice of using more drugs to treat addiction.

Instead, biophysical drug rehabs are known for getting a person physically well again so that they can succeed with the rest of their rehabilitation process. This is important because when most people arrive at a rehab center, they are often sick, tired, and unable to feel well enough to do much rehabilitation. This type of holistic drug rehab approach uses a long term detoxification method that combines specialized nutritional supplements, light exercise and a medical sauna therapy to eliminate all drugs and alcohol from the body.

The reason this treatment is often vital for a full recovery is that our body sees all drugs as poison - and will try to store some of it away in our fatty tissue. If not treated with a biophysical drug rehab regimen, this stored drug and alcohol residue releases back into the blood during metabolic processes. This not only continues to make a person sick, it also turns on heavy cravings and urges to use drugs or alcohol again.

Ending Drug & Alcohol Relapse

Most who have done rehab in the past can tell you that serious cravings to drink alcohol or use drugs again can happen days, months or even years after doing traditional 30 day rehab programs. There are emotional triggers, of course, but much of this is due to drug metabolites that are stored away and can remain in our body for many years. Physical exertion, caffeine, chocolate, sex and other metabolic events can trigger these to release and then cravings can become overwhelming.

The amazing success stories that come from biophysical rehab programs all center on how it gets a person's body to fully release these stored residue. Once eliminated, there are no more cravings; they are simply gone and do not return. Prior to treatment, most will find it hard to remember what it feels like to live a life without these urges or cravings. But this type of treatment provides that relief - along with the ability to heal itself as a result of having all toxic residue eliminated on a cellular level.

When seeking out a non-religious drug rehab program or non 12 step rehab facility it would be smart to find one that also provides a biophysical rehab treatment regimen as part of their overall rehabilitation process.