Recreational Use Of Ecstasy May Lead To Memory Problems

Dec. 17th 2012

For the past few decades, there are those who think that ecstasy is ‘getting a bad rap’ by drug enforcement officials. Many users suggest that the effects are relatively harmless and the only problem with XTC is the fact that it is illegal. However, a recent study published in the journal Addiction proves that there [...]

Mary Kennedy’s Toxicology Report Showed Three Anti-Depressants

Sep. 24th 2012

The recent toxicology report released in regards to the suicide of Mary Kennedy – estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – showed that Mary Kennedy had no fewer than three different types of anti-depressants in her system when she took her own life. Even though she had struggled with alcohol addiction in the past, [...]

New Educational Program Introduced Aimed Towards Preventing Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Aug. 4th 2012

There is a new educational program launched in Pennsylvania that focuses on prescription drug abuse among high school and middle school students. The program, known as “Consequences: Rx Abuse,” aims to inform teachers, parents, and students statewide about the dangers of abusing prescription medication and the long-term effects that can result, according to Attorney General [...]

A New Bill Targeted At Tracking Prescription Drug Use

Jun. 21st 2012

Even though the problems with prescription drug abuse have been rising for quite some time in the United States, it is good to see that many states are beginning to take the problem seriously. One Pennsylvania lawmaker is taking steps to ensure that prescription drug abuse is identified early by introducing plans for a database [...]

Why Prescription Drug Addiction Is Growing Among Teens

May. 23rd 2012

The problem with teens abusing prescription drugs is growing at an alarming rate. According to the latest numbers available from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), approximately 8 percent of teens between 12 and 17 experimented with prescription drugs on a recreational level. But what are the important components that make prescription drug addiction [...]

Ohio Introduces A New Plan To Tackle Opiate Addiction

Apr. 12th 2012

The State of Ohio is recognizing that opiate addiction is becoming a problem that must be dealt with. According to experts, the number of people that have suffered an overdose on oxycontin and heroin has reached dramatic levels. Even though the actual suggestions from Ohio are not going to be introduced until March, by the [...]

Learning From A Tragedy: Whitney Houston’s Passing

Mar. 23rd 2012

The night before the Grammys, the musical industry lost someone who has had massive success years before – Whitney Houston. Even though there is no denying the vocal talent of Ms. Houston, it deserves to be said that her life plays out like a “how not to live your life in the fast lane” story. [...]

Why Prescription Drug Detox Is A Vital Step For Recovery

Feb. 20th 2012

It is true that prescription drugs can be necessary when it comes to handling health problems and other conditions. However, when taken in large doses or on a prolonged basis, the people taking them can not only suffer harmful effects, but also become addicted to them. That is why the importance of a thorough and [...]