Treating Addiction – Old Jails Become Recovery Centers

Sep. 11th 2014

Throughout New York, several different correctional facilities are no longer needed. Perhaps they lack certain features, perhaps there are newer, larger facilities built somewhere else in the state. The question is, what, if anything, can these facilities be used for in the future? Senator Michael Nozzolio (R) Fayette – has an idea. Instead of leaving […]

Why Fentanyl is Proving to Be Exceedingly Dangerous

May. 27th 2014

According to the Vermont Department of Health, three deaths in Addison County were attributed to user’s ingesting pure Fentanyl. One of the interesting facts that came up during the investigation into these fatal overdoses was the fact that the substance was likely sold as heroin, despite the fact that it may be upwards of 50 […]

Why the Prescription Epidemic will Not Go Away

Mar. 29th 2014

The country is in a public health crisis, yet the media is largely ignoring it. Between 1979 and 2010, the number of overdose deaths in New York State rose a dramatic 169 percent. This means that more people are now dying from fatal overdoses than motor vehicle accidents. We can attribute the majority of those […]

Rising Neonatal Withdrawal Cases – Infant Suffering and High Costs

Feb. 5th 2014

The problem with prescription medication abuse is one that does not merely affect people struggling with dependence, but may even have consequences for newborn babies. In fact, the number of newborns that struggle with neonatal abstinence syndrome throughout the country is increasing, more than doubling per 1,000 hospital births. That is hardly surprising. Especially if […]

Marijuana Legalization Does Not Mean it’s Harmless

Jan. 7th 2014

According to a nationally representative online survey, even those parents who support the legalization of marijuana will expect that strict regulations are going to be in place to reduce the availability to kids and teens. Out of the 1,603 adults surveyed 1,200 had children aged 10 to 19. Amongst the parents, 70 percent supported legalizing […]

Faith Based Programs Aren’t Always Right, or Constitutional

Dec. 7th 2013

Alternative to Faith Based Drug Rehab When a person is dealing with a drug addiction, it is critical to find help that embraces them and ensures their individual needs are being met, while fighting the addiction. The problem some face is that there are very few non faith based drug rehab programs. With programs like […]

Prescription Drug Addiction Starts with Those Who Least Expect It

Oct. 26th 2013

We have become accustomed to quick solutions, we want our food fast, we want our Internet page to load instantly and if we have a problem with pain, we want it gone as quickly as possible. One of the most recent entries in the painkiller market is co-codamol – a combination of paracetamol (also known […]

PSA Similar to Horror Movie Warning Sailors about Bath Salt Dangers

Aug. 16th 2013

The United States Navy released a frightening new PSA to remind service members that they need to stay away from the synthetic designer drugs commonly referred to as bath salts. The video (which you can see by clicking here), shows a first-person experience as a younger sailor opens a brown envelope, takes out the bath […]

Number of Dangerous Drug Combinations Sharply Increased Over the Last Decade

Jul. 1st 2013

Over the past decade, the number of people seeking treatment for a combination of narcotic pain relievers and benzodiazepine shot up a tremendous 569.7%. This is according to recent statistics released by SAMHSA (The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). These figures make it clear that there is much work to do when it […]

Recreational Use Of Ecstasy May Lead To Memory Problems

Dec. 17th 2012

For the past few decades, there are those who think that ecstasy is ‘getting a bad rap’ by drug enforcement officials. Many users suggest that the effects are relatively harmless and the only problem with XTC is the fact that it is illegal. However, a recent study published in the journal Addiction proves that there […]