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Sometimes Help Is Needed To Find Non Religious Rehab Programs

While there are exceptions, faith and religion are intertwined with nearly all drug and alcohol rehab treatments in the United States. This may have become popularized with the development of Alcoholics Anonymous and AA in the 1930's. From that point it can be found that along with AA and NA (Narcotics Anonymous), most inpatient drug and alcohol rehabs have incorporated the idea that only a Higher Power can solve the problems of the addict and only in fully submitting to such a power can one continue their path to recovery.

This concept of religion in rehab has created problems for many of us who have tried to get help for our drug and alcohol addictions.

Who Are We?

We are probably very much like you - sons, daughters, housewives, mothers and fathers. Some of us are doctors, lawyers, business leaders and from many different lines of work and lifestyles. But we can all attest to the fact that in higher education and awareness there is a path to self-empowerment, self-control and the end to addiction.

We believe that the way to regain control in life is to learn that we have an innate power within us to change and to become better. We CAN change our minds about things. We CAN be helped to do this. We all CAN re-learn to be causative over our shortcomings and that men and woman CAN rehabilitate that sense of causation and responsibility over troubled areas in their lives.

Some of us are also of non-faith backgrounds. We are atheist or agnostic and the idea of mixing God or Higher Power into treatment modalities is objectionable; and in our attempts to get help with traditional drug and alcohol rehab we have been ostracized and felt left to the side.

That said, some of us still have very strong faith based backgrounds and convictions. However, we have seen over the years with others and with ourselves that turning drug and alcohol rehab into 'church' is often ineffective in treating the actual underlying emotional and physical conditions that exist. We have seen over the years that for us, like many others, finding our faith again (whatever that may be for each person) is for some an important part of life but that mixing it into rehab can be very difficult.

We have seen that faith has many shapes and colors and to try to have it served as a one size fits all in rehab is unworkable due to the many varieties of religion that exist. Instead, we can come to know that allowing our various faiths to be a natural part of our continued recovery post drug and alcohol treatment is the most appropriate and successful method of maintaining sober and happy lives. We know that there are more science based therapies that treat the whole person and can restore them back to health physically and emotionally without the need to enter faith into the equation of drug and alcohol rehab.

That is who we are. We are simply here to help.

If you or someone you love needs guidance in finding non faith based substance abuse treatment options, our counselors can provide a free phone consultation to assist you.

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